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21.07.2015 17:30 - Crop circle from 19th July 2015: The Castle of the Yellow Star has begun
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Постингът е бил сред най-популярни в категория в Blog.bg


The Castle of the Yellow Star has begun

This crop circle was reported on 19th July 2015 at Hoo Mill, near Haselor, Warwickshire, UK.

More pictures and information can be found here


http://temporarytemples.co.uk/project/haselor-warwickshire-19th-july-2015 According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 19th July 2015 is a day of the Blue castle, which began on 17th July 2015. In the Blue castle we receive and have the possibility to accept, to absorb and to learn the energy “Yellow Star” - Beautify, Elegance, Art, Harmony.

On the crop circle is depicted a 8-point star, which symbolizes the “Yellow Star” - the Solar Seal No. 8. The Harmonic Module Tzolkin includes 260 days, divided in 5 castles of 52 days. The Blue Castle is the third castle in Tzolkin. On the pictogram is depicted a lunar crescent, which symbolizes the Year of the Red Solar Moon, which began on 26th July 2014 and ends on 24th July 2015. Here the lunar crescent is divided in 6 parts representing the 6 days, which remain until the end of the Red Solar Moon Year: from 19th until the 24th July 2015. On the outer circle we see 8 small circles. They probably represent the 8 days which remain until the begin of the New Year of the White Planetary Wizard, which begins on 26th July 2015. In the very center of the crop circle there is a small circle, where we see the face of a child. It symbolizes the energy “Blue Monkey” – Game, Magic, Illusion.

On the outer circle there is a small circle among the 8 greater circles. This small circle shows the position, from where we see best the face of the child!!

The Blue Monkey is the Supporting energy of the Yellow Star.
The Blue Monkey Wavespell is the 3rd wavespell in the
Blue Castle.
The Blue Monkey reminds us not to forget the child within us, to accept everything more easy, with joy and laughter. And not to forget that the life is only a game, full with magic, and all things are our illusions.
In the Blue Castle we receive the Blue energy of Transformation. The structures (physical bodies, cells etc.), which were purified in the previous White Castle, are now transformed in crystalline structures.

The 8 triangles, which depict the rays of the Star, look like vanes. They give us the feeling of a rotating wheel. On this way is depicted the Blue energy of Transformation, which accelerates all processes. The Blue Castle is a very dynamic period of very intensive transformations. It includes 52 days, and 20 of them are Galactic Activation Portal days. In these days doorways to the higher dimensions are open, which brings new powerful energies. Besides, in the Blue Castle we have the 20 days of the Central Mystic column, which represents an infinite field of possibilities. In these days we receive most pure energy from the Source and we are in a state of most expanded consciousness.

Photo © Steve Alexander, temporarytemples.co.uk

Sources for the Mayan calendar:


More interpretations of crop circles according to the Mayan calendar:




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