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22.09.2015 19:46 - Crop circle from 27th July 2008: Blue Electric Storm Year
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Crop circle from
27th July 2008: Blue Electric Storm Year

This crop circle was reported on 27th July 2008 at Waylands Smithy, Oxfordshire, UK.

More images are published here:

On the previous day, 26th July 2008, according to the Mayan calendar had begun the 365-day Year of the Blue Electric Storm, with the Tone 3 – the Electric Tone of Service.

The day 27th July 2008 has the Solar Seal “Yellow Selfexisting Sun” and the Tone 4 – the Selfexisting Tone of the Form.

In my opinion, on the crop circle through figures and numbers are depicted following energies:

А. The Energies of the Blue Electric Storm Year (26th July 2008 – 24th July 2009):

Blue StormActivation, Catalization of the processes, Energy, Selfgeneration - Solar Seal No. 19 – the Solar Seal of the actual Year

Blue NightDreams, Intuition, AbundanceSolar Seal No. 3 – Guiding Energy of the Blue Electric Storm

Yellow SunEnlightenment, Ascension, Universal Fire, LifeSolar Seal No. 20 – Supporting Energy of the Blue Storm

Red Moon – Purify, Flow, Universal Water – Solar Seal No. 9 – Challenging Energy of the Blue Storm

White Wind – Spirit, Breathe, Connection, Communication – Solar Seal No. 2 – Occult Teacher of the Blue Storm

Tone 3 – The Electric Tone of Service – Tone of the actual Year

B. Energies of the day of the Yellow Selfexisting Sun (27th July 2008):

Yellow Sun – Solar Seal No. 20 - Solar Seal of the day

Blue Storm – Solar Seal No. 19 – Supporting Energy of the Yellow Sun

White Dog – Love, Heart, Loyalty - Solar Seal No. 10 – Challenging Energy of the Yellow Sun

Red Dragon – Birth, Nurturing, Existence, Memory - Solar Seal No. 1 – Occult Teacher of the Yellow Sun

Tone 4 – The Selfexisting Ton of the Form – the Tone of the day

These energies are depicted on the crop circle as follows.

The circle 1 in the center symbolizes the energy “Red Dragon” – Solar Seal No. 1.

The two circles 1 and 2 represent the energy “White Wind” – Solar Seal No. 2.

The three circles 3, 4 and 5 represent the energy “Blue Night” – Solar Seal No. 3. These three circles symbolize also the Tone 3 – the Tone of the actual Year.

The ten circles from 1 to 10 represent the energy “White Dog” – Solar Seal No. 10.

The nine circles from 11 to 19 represent the energy “Red Moon” – Solar Seal No. 9.

The 19 circles from 1 to 19 represent the energy “Blue Storm” – Solar Seal No. 19.

The 20 circles from 1 to 20 represent the energy “Yellow Sun” – Solar Seal No. 20.

The 4 circles, which like circle 20 are situated outwards of the big square, represent the Tone 4 – the Tone of the day. The Tone 4 is represented also through the square.

Excerpt about the Tone 4 from the source below:

Four is the ray of measure, the alignment with natural cycles. It is the square, the base of the pyramid, the solid foundation that unifies the lines of directional force…"

More about the Blue Electric Storm and the Tone 3:

More about the Yellow Selfexisting Sun and the Tone 4:


Image: Lucy Pringle

Sources for the Mayan calendar:



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