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09.12.2015 21:31 - Crop circle from 24th May 2009 in England
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circle from 24th May 2009 in England

his formation was reported on 24th May 2009 at Windmill Hill, nr Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire, UK. Some sources give the date 25th May 2009.

According to the Mayan calendar, 24th May 2009 is a day with the Solar Seal Red Dragon and with the Tone 6.

Besides, 24th May 2009 is a day in the Blue Storm Year with the Tone 3 (26.07.2008 – 24.07.2009).

In my opinion, on the crop circle through figures and numbers are depicted following energies:

Red Dragon and Tone 6,
Blue Storm and Tone 3.

The crop circle looks like a Dragon. On the upper side of the image is depicted the “head of the Dragon”, in the middle the “body of the Dragon” is depicted through 6 bands, and below is the “tail of the Dragon”.

The single circle in the very center of the pictogram symbolizes once again through the number 1 the energy Red Dragon - Solar Seal No. 1.

Short characteristics of the energy “Red Dragon”:
Birth, Nurturing, Existence, Memory.

The Red Dragon is the energy, which creates the energy grid of the Universe. On the crop circle, this energy net is symbolized through the 6 bands, which build the “body of the Dragon”.

The 6 consecutive circles at the top and the 6 consecutive circles at the bottom depict the Tone 6 - the Tone of the day. On the image they are marked through numbers in white.

On both the “muzzle” and on the “tail” of the Dragon there are 3 circles, which are marked on the image through numbers in black.
Here the number 3 symbolizes the Tone 3 - the Tone of the actual year.

The figures round these circles look like whirls, on this way is depicted the energy “Blue Storm” – the major energy of the actual year.

The bands of the Dragon’s body also give us the feeling of a whirl, this is also a way to depict the energy Blue Storm.

The total number of all circles on the pictogram is 19. Through this number once again is represented the energy Blue Storm – Solar Seal No. 19.

A more
detailed description of the energy Red Dragon can be found here:

Image: Lucy Pringle

More interpretations of crop circles according to the Mayan calendar:



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