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01.02.2016 21:46 - Crop circle from 12th August 2001 at Milk Hill, Wiltshire
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Crop circle from 12th August 2001

This crop circle was r
eported 12th August 2001 at Milk Hill, nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, UK.

More pictures can be seen here:


According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 12th August 2001 is a day with the Solar Seal Red Dragon and with Tone 13 – the Cosmic Tone of Presence, in the Wavespell of the Red Moon.

In my opinion, on the crop circle are depicted following energies:

Red Dragon, Tone 13, White Mirror, Red Moon, Yellow Seed, Blue Storm…

The circle in the very center symbolizes the energy Red Dragon – Solar Seal No.1: Birth, Nurturing, Existence, Memory.
This energy represents the energy net of the Universe, the female aspect of the Source, Mother God.

Then we have a "spiral galaxy” with 6 “sleeves”. Each “sleeve” has 13 “main” circles. Here the number 13 symbolizes Tone 13 – the Tone of the day.

The total number of the “main” circles is
13 х 6 = 78.
Here the number 78 symbolizes the energy White Mirror - the Supporting energy of the Red Dragon. Kin 78 in the Mayan calendar Tzolkin is with Solar Seal White Mirror.

When we add to 78 also the most central circle, we receive:

78 + 1 = 79

Here the number 79 symbolizes the energy Blue Storm – the Challenging energy of the Red Moon. Kin 79 in Tzolkin has the Solar Seal Blue Storm.

There are 409 circles in total. The number 409 symbolizes the energy Red Moon – the main energy of the actual Red Moon Wavespell. Kin 409 in Tzolkin corresponds with the Solar Seal Red Moon.

26th July 2001 has begun the Year of the Yellow Solar Seed. We can say, that all 409 circles look like Solar Seeds.

Considering that we have a day with the Solar Seal Red Dragon (the energy net of the Universe) and with Tone 13 (the Cosmic Tone of Presence), the whole crop circle gives us the feeling of galaxies, of a Universe. Combined with the Year of the Yellow Seed, we could say, that the crop circle depicts an Universe of Yellow Solar Seeds ;-).


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