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19.03.2016 21:50 - Crop circle from 20th June 2005 - Monkton Down, Wiltshire, UK
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Crop circle from 20th June 2005 - Monkton Down, Wiltshire, UK

Image and diagram of this crop circle are published here:


According to the Mayan calendar, 20th June 2005 is a day with Kin 68 in the Wavespell of the White Worldbridger, in the White Castle with major energy “Yellow Warrior”.

In my opinion, on the crop circle are depicted following energies:

Yellow Warrior – Solar Seal No. 16
Red Serpent – Solar Seal No. 5 – Occult Teacher of the Yellow Warrior

White Worldbridger – the Challenging energy of the Yellow Warrior

These energies have following qualities:

Yellow Warrior – Explore, Intelligence, Fearlessness
Red Serpent – Life force, Life stability, Instinct, Creativity
White Worldbridger – Equalize, Transition, Death,

The outline of the formation represents a square (rhomb) and each side of this square consists of 5 “spheres”.
Here the number 5 symbolizes the energy “Red Serpent” – Solar Seal No. 5.

The circumference of the square consists of 16 “spheres” in total. Here the number 16 symbolizes the energy “Yellow Warrior” (Solar Seal No. 16) – the major energy in the White Castle.

The interior of the square consists of 9 “spheres”: 5 dark and 4 bright.

The 5 dark “spheres” form a CROSS.

It seems, that the Cross is a wide used symbol on the crop circles, which appear during the White Castle.

In my opinion, the Cross symbolizes the energy “White Worldbridger”.

In the White Castle we receive and have the possibility to learn and use the White energy of Purification. The Wave of the White Worldbridger is the White Wave in the White Castle, this is the period of the most powerful Purification in the whole Tzolkin Module.

During this Wavespell we can use the energy White Worldbridger for following tasks:

1. We can release all that is useless, outdated, in all aspects – material, spiritual etc. We can release fears, negative thoughts, beliefs - on the personal and social plane. We can purify ourselves – the physical body, the soul, the spirit.

When we release old and outdated things, an opportunity emerges for new things to come in our life.

On this way we achieve an equalizing between Old and New. On the one side of the scales we release old things, which hinder us, and so on the other side of the scales new, better things can come.

2. We can connect with our Higher Self, with our Spiritual Guides, with the spiritual worlds, with God. This communication can help us for a better purification of blockades, to clear problems etc.

3. We can learn to build bridges between people, between worlds. Here the word “world” can mean: human, group of humans, society, humanity, worlds in the galaxy, in the universe.

The Purification is an important and necessary process. After the White Castle comes the Blue Castle of Transformation, when the cleansed structures are transformed in crystalline light structures, which can retain more light. And then, in the Yellow Castle, the transformed structures are filled with light – this is the last phase in the process of Enlightenment.

: Steve Alexander

More interpretations of crop circles according to the Mayan calendar:


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