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23.07.2016 22:16 - Crop circle from 23rd July 2016 at Rascombe Bottom, Calstone Wellington, Wiltshire, UK
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We recognize more and more, that we are Wizards ;-)!!

Crop circle from 23rd July 2016 at Rascombe Bottom, Calstone Wellington, Wiltshire, UK

More images are published here:



According to the Mayan calendar, 23rd July 2016 is the second last day of the White Planetary Wizard Year with Tone 10 – the Planetary Tone of Manifestation.

In my opinion, on the crop circle are depicted following energies:

White Wizard
Red Serpent – the Supporting energy of the White Wizard
White Wind – the Guiding energy of the White Planetary Wizard
Yellow Seed – the Challenging energy of the White Wizard
Blue Hand -  the Occult Teacher of the White Wizard
White Dog
Tone 10

These energies have following qualities:

White Wizard – Timelessness, Receptivity, Enchantment
Red Serpent – Life Force, Life Stability, Instinct
White Wind – Spirit, Breathe, Connection, Communication
Yellow Seed – Targets, Awareness, Flowering
Blue Hand -  Knowledge, Accomplishment, Healing
White Dog  - Love, Heart, Loyalty
Tone 10 – the Planetary Tone of Manifestation

In the center of the formation we see a bright pentagon and around it there are 5 dark triangles. This figure depicts the WHITE WIZARD with his typical conic hat. The upper triangle is the head, the two triangles below are the arms and below the arms are the two legs.

The pentagon is a figure with 5 sides. Here the number 5 symbolizes the energy "RED SERPENT "Solar Seal No. 5.

Around this central figure there is a ring with 5 pairs of triangles or these are 10 triangles in total. On the image one pair of these triangles is marked through the letter "B".

Here the number 10 symbolizes Tone 10 – the Tone of the White Planetary Wizard Year.

On this way in the center of the formation is represented WHITE PLANETARY WIZARD – the major energy of the year, which ends on 24th July 2016.

Round the central figure of the Wizard are depicted five more such figures, on the image with numbers from 2 to 6. Or there are 6 figures of Wizards in total. Each of them consists of 5 triangles, so the triangles are 30 in total. Here the number 30 symbolizes the energy WHITE DOG – the Energy of Love.

Kin 30 in the Tzolkin calendar is with the Solar Seal “White Dog”.
The people become White Wizards, when they learn to love unconditionally!

The Wizards from the outer ring (figures from 2 to 6) have stretched hands to each other and their hands build bridges – like figure “B”.

The Wizards on the crop circle symbolize the Humanity. At the end of the White Wizard Year the people on the Earth have already an expanded consciousness, they are more aware of their abilities of Wizards, who can co-create the desired reality.

On the outer periphery of the formation are depicted 5 small circles “S”. They resemble seeds and symbolize the energy “YELLOW SEED”.

Below each Yellow Seed there is a figure in the form of a crystal – “C”. On the top end of this figure are depicted 2 triangles "H”, which look like stretched arms and symbolize the energy “BLUE HAND”. And the number 2 symbolizes the energy “WHITE WIND” – Solar Seal No. 2.

The whole figure resembles a human: with head "S", crystal body "C" and with hands "H".

The body of each from the 6 Wizards has in its center a pentagon, which also looks like crystal.
On this way is shown, that at the end of the year the White Wizards have crystal light bodies.

The figure of each Wizard looks also like a star. In the Mayan calendar the energy Yellow Star has following qualities: Creativity, Elegance, Art, Beauty, Harmony. So we can say, that the people-Wizards create on the Earth Beauty and Harmony according to the laws of the Art!

So, on the second last day of the White Planetary Wizard Year on this exciting crop circle are depicted the people of the Earth – with awareness of Wizards, filled with Unconditional Love, with stretched hands to each other, with crystal light bodies and create on the Earth a beautiful and harmonic reality – this is really an inspiring vision !!

Gratitude to the photographers:

Heartfelt thanks also to the authors of this wonderful crop circle!!

More interpretations of crop circles according to the Mayan calendar:




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