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25.07.2016 22:51 - Crop circle from 23rd July 2016 at Mammendorf, Bavaria, Germany
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Crop circle from 23rd July 2016 at Mammendorf, Bavaria, Germany

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This amazing crop circle has appeared in the second last day of the White Planetary Wizard Year according to the Mayan calendar.

23th July 2016 was also a day of the Red Moon Wavespell and a day of the Central Green Castle of Enchantment with major energy “Yellow Human”.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

White Wizard
Red Serpent – the Supporting energy of the White Wizard
Yellow Seed – the Challenging energy of the White Wizard
Blue Hand - the Occult Teacher of the White Wizard
Red Moon
Yellow Human
Blue Night

These energies have following qualities:

White Wizard – Timelessness, Receptivity, Enchantment
Red Serpent – Life Force, Life Stability, Instinct
Yellow Seed – Targets, Awareness, Flowering
Blue Hand -  Knowledge, Accomplishment, Healing
Red Moon – Purification, Flow, Universal Water
Yellow Human – Free Will, Influence, Wisdom
Blue Night – Dreams, Intuition, Abundance

In my opinion, the formation looks like a Magic figure – seen from different angles, it looks on a very different way. In the second last day of the year, the WHITE WIZARD surprises us through this fantastic formation and on this way says to us good-bye with sense of humor ;-).

The whole formation is formed through lunar crescents, which represent the energy RED MOON.

The formation consists of 4 figures and each of them resembles a CLOWN – like those figures-toys, which are made of balls, connected through elastic cord.

On the image through numbers and letters are marked following elements of the CLOWN figure:

1, 2 и 3 - leg

А – hand (arm)
В –
Н –

There are 3 more circles above the head, they depict the “hat”.

The arms (hands) symbolize the energy BLUE HAND.

The Clown has 5 legs.
Here the number 5 symbolizes the energy RED SERPENT – Solar Seal No. 5.

The whole figure of a Clown has 23 elements in total.

Here the number 23 symbolizes the energy
Kin 23 in Tzolkin is with the Solar Seal "Blue Night".

There are 4 Clowns and the number of all elements is:

23 х 4 = 92

Here the number 92 symbolizes the energy “YELLOW HUMAN”.
Kin 92 in the Tzolkin calendar is with the Solar Seal “Yellow Human”.

The central circle together with the elements of the “hats” of the Clowns depicts a Flower – on this way is depicted the energy YELLOW SEED – the Energy of Flowering.

The Flower has 4 petals on each ring. Here the number 4 symbolizes again the energy “Yellow Seed” – Solar Seal No. 4.

The central circle symbolizes a Portal. The White Planetary Wizard Year was a Portal year. It began on 26th July 2016, which was a Galactic Activation Portal Day.

What are the MESSAGES of the White Wizard to us through this crop circle?

On 26th July 2016 begins the Blue Spectral Storm Year with Tone 11 – the Spectral Tone of Liberation. In this year we have the possibility to release all kind of blocks, which we have accumulated in the previous 10 years of the current 13-year period with dominant energy "RED MOON". We can dissolve all kind of blocks in physical and spiritual aspect, on personal and social plane.

The Blue Storm is an Energy of Transformation.
The blue color symbolizes the Element WATER.
Through this crop circle we are reminded, that we have to be very flexible, like these Clowns, in order to release all blocks with easiness and joy.

We have to be flexible like the WATER. All figures on the crop circle are formed through Lunar crescents. The energy “Red Moon” means: Purification, Flow, Universal WATER.
The RED MOON is the Challenging Energy of the Blue Storm and will help us during the whole year to be more flexible and to allow the streams of cosmic energies to flow easier through us and to perform the necessary transformations.

The energy RED MOON helps us to remember who we are, to remember, that we are WIZARDS.

The authors of this crop circle show us very figuratively, that we are all ONE, that we all are connected like these Clowns, and only together we can flower (prosper).

We are all connected and the activities and the thoughts of everybody influence the whole collective. And we have to be very careful in our activities and thoughts, because they form our common FLOWER.

Each Clown on the crop circle symbolizes also the energy BLUE NIGHT” – the Energy of Dreams. On this way we are reminded, that in the New Year we can use the powerful energy of the BLUE STORM to accomplish our DREAMS.

This crop circle is a fantastic present for us for the New Galactic Year of the Blue Spectral Storm! Cordial thanks to the authors of this magic formation for the wonderful surprise!!

Gratitude to the photographer SEBASTIAN BLUM !!

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