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20.11.2016 21:34 - Crop circle from 24th July 2005 at Aldbourne (2), Wiltshire, UK
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The Blue Storm Year prepares crystalline Yellow Seeds

Crop circle from 24th July 2005 at Aldbourne (2), Wiltshire, UK

More images of this formation are published here


According to the Mayan calendar, 24th July 2005 is a day with the Solar Seal White Wind and with Tone 11, in the White Castle.
24th July 2005 is the last day of the Blue Crystal Storm Year with Tone 12 – the Crystal Tone of Cooperation.
24th July 2005 began the Yellow Cosmic Seed Year with Tone 13.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Yellow Seed
White Dog
Yellow Sun
White Worldbridger

These energies have following qualities:

Yellow Seed – Awareness, Targets, Flowering
White Dog – Love, Heart, Loyalty
Yellow Sun – Enlightenment, Ascension, Universal Fire, Life
White Worldbridger – Equalize, Death, Opportunity

On the crop circle are depicted a lot of rhomb-shaped crystals. Each rhomb has 4 sides and symbolizes the energy YELLOW SEED - Solar Seal No. 4. The Yellow Seeds are we, the people. We are “seeds”, planted on the Earth in order to develop our consciousness. So the rhomb-shaped crystals symbolize the Humanity.
In a Blue Storm Year we receive the Blue energy of Transformation – it transforms our cells in crystalline ones, which can retain more light. This result is shown on the crop circle: at the end of the Blue Storm year the people are with crystalline cells.

The triangle ABC in the center resembles a Bridge and symbolizes the energy White Worldbridger. Above the upper side AB of the bridge there are 30 crystals in total, which form five arcs-bridges, which again symbolize the energy White Worldbridger.
The number 30 symbolizes the energy WHITE DOG. Kin 30 in the Tzolkin calendar is with Solar Seal White Dog.
Depicted is a wonderful vision: the people of the Earth have built bridges to each other and are connected through the energy of Love!

The building of bridges between the people, or between the worlds in general, is a main theme in the
White Castle, where the energy White Worldbridger plays a most important role.
Yellow Seed with Tone 13 (the major energy of the New Year) is the last Kin in the
White Castle, so the building of bridges will be among the main tasks also in the New Year.

On the periphery of the crop circle we see 30 triangles “D”. The number 30 symbolizes again the energy White Dog.
The bright rhombs "S" depict a Sun and symbolize the energy
So, the Blue Crystal Storm Year has prepared crystalline Yellow Seeds, which can ripen and be filled with light in the New Yellow Seed Year!

Sincere gratitude to the authors of this fantastic crop circle and to the photographer Janet Ossebaard!!

Image: Janet Ossebaard

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