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11.02.2017 21:06 - Crop circle from 19th June 1998 at Clanfield, Hampshire, UK
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The Yellow Seed Year with Tone 5

Crop circle from 19th June 1998 at Clanfield, Hampshire, UK

More images of this formation are published here:


According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 19th June 1998 is a day with the Solar Seal "Yellow Human" and with Tone 8, in the Yellow Seed Year with Tone 5 (26th July 1997 – 25th July 1998).
This is also a day of the 12th Lunar month or 12th Crystal Moon with Tone 12 – the Crystal Tone of Cooperation.

In my opinion, on the crop circle are depicted following energies:

Yellow Seed
Tone 5
Yellow Human
Red Earththe Occult Teacher of the Yellow Seed
Red Moonthe Occult Teacher of the Yellow Human
White Worldbridger
Tone 12

These energies have following qualities:

Yellow Seed – Awareness, Targets, Flowering
Tone 5 – the Tone of Radiance
Yellow Human – Free Will, Influence, Wisdom
Red Earth Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization
Red Moon Purify, Flow, Universal Water
White Worldbridger – Equalize, Death, Opportunity
Tone 12 – the Crystal Tone of Cooperation

The outer big circle on the formation represents the Earth and symbolizes the energy RED EARTH.

On the Earth’s surface we see 12 circles in total, with different size. Here the number 12 symbolizes Tone 12 and the energy YELLOW HUMAN – Solar Seal No. 12.

The 12 circles are close to each other and symbolize the United Humanity. The authors of the crop circle apparently appeal to us during the 12th Crystal Moon to use the energy of Tone 12 – the Crystal Tone of Cooperation – and to seek ways for Cooperation and Unity.

Clanfield, the location of the crop circle, is probably chosen intentionally. One of the meanings of the word “сlan” is «uniting in a group». This correlates wonderful with the idea of Tone 12.
So we can say, that the 12 circles depict the people on the Earth, united in smaller and bigger groups and societies.
The 12 circle are of different size: big, middle-sized and small. There are 6 middle-sized circles “W”. Here the number 6 symbolizes the energy White Worldbridger – Solar Seal No. 6. On this way once again is symbolized the idea for Unity of the people on the Earth.

In the center of the most of the 12 circles we see a bright semi-circle “S”, which depicts a “Seed” and symbolizes the energy YELLOW SEED. The circles round the Seeds depict “aureoles” and on this way is symbolized Tone 5 - the Tone of Radiance.

Each “Seed” together with the “aureole” round it symbolizes the energy YELLOW SEED with Tone 5 – the major energy of the actual year.

In 9 circles we see dark lunar crescents “M”, which depict the energy RED MOON – Solar Seal No. 9.

In the center of the formation there is a circle, which depicts a Portal. 19th June 1998 is a Galactic Activation Portal Day.

A description of the energy Yellow Seed with Tone 5 can be read here:

I express my deepest gratitude to the authors of this inspiring crop circle and to the photographer Steve Alexander!

: Steve Alexander

More interpretations of crop circles according to the Mayan calendar:


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