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18.04.2017 21:18 - Crop circle from 16th April 2017 at Cherhil, Wiltshire
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We receive from the Source the Energy of Spirit

The first formation for 2017 was reported on 16th April 2017 at Cherhill, near Calne, Wiltshire, UK. More images and information can be found here:


According to the Mayan calendar, 16th April 2017 is a day of the White Wind wavespell (15th to 27th April 2017) and a day of the Central Green Castle of Enchantment (2nd April to 23rd May 2017) with major energy “Yellow Human”.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

White Wind
Yellow Human – the Challenging Energy of the White Wind
Red Earth – the Supporting Energy of the White Wind
Blue Hand – the Supporting Energy of the Yellow Human
Red Moon – the Occut Teacher of the Yellow Human

These energies have following qualities:

White Wind – Spirit, Breathe, Connection, Communication
Yellow Human – Free Will, Influence, Wisdom
Red Earth – Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization
Blue Hand – Knowledge, Accomplishment, Healing
Red Moon – Purify, Flow, Universal Water

The small circle on the bottom of the image depicts the Source, from which all energies in the Universe emerge. The big circle on the top of the image depicts the Earth and symbolizes the energy "Red Earth".

The small circle "Н" in the center of the Earth depicts the head of a Human and symbolizes the energyYellow Human.
The bright circle
"А" round the head of the Human depicts the Arms of the Human, on this way is symbolized the energy “Blue Hand" - the Supporting Energy of the Yellow Human. The Human has put up his arms in a circle round his head.
the figure of the Human symbolizes the Humanity on the Earth.

The bright lunar crescent “М” above the Humans head symbolizes the energyRed Moon” – the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Human.

The Earth is connected with the Source through 2 bright “pathways” (lines) for Connection and Communication. These 2 lines symbolize the energyWhite Wind" - Solar Seal No. 2. Through these lines from the Source to the Earth and to the Humanity flows the White Wind – the Energy of Spirit.

The authors of the formation remind us, that during the White Wind wavespel we have the possibility to receive and assimilate the Energy of the Spirit, which purifies ourselves and fills us with inspiration.

A more detailed description of the energy White Wind can be found on this link:


Here some excerpts from this description:

White Wind is the galactic wind, the catalyzing current, the Spirit that moves through all things. It is the divine breath that gives life to all creation, the unseen essence of solar energy. White Wind is the breath of inspiration. Its essence is the movement of Spirit as it penetrates into form to enliven, purify and inspire.

Receive the gift of White Wind by simply taking a conscious breath.
White Wind is the simple knowledge that invisible forces are always moving in your life, guiding and inspiring.

Deep gratitude to the authors of this inspiring formation and to the photographers from www.cropcircleconnector.com !!

More interpretations of crop circles according to the Mayan calendar:


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