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25.06.2017 20:21 - Crop circle from 16 June 2017 at Target Wood, nr Badbury Rings, Dorset, UK
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The Tree of Life and the Mayan calendar
The Target of our Spiritual Development
Tone 11 opens the Return to the Source

Crop circle from 16 June 2017 at Target Wood, nr Badbury Rings, Dorset, UK

More images of this formation can be seen here:



 According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 16 June 2017 is a day with the Solar Seal Yellow Seed and with Tone 11, in the Blue Spectral Storm Year with Tone 11 (26 July 2016 - 25 July 2017).

The formation depicts the Tree of life (Kabbalah), but surprisingly, there is also a “Mayan connection” :-).   

On the image are set the numbers of the 10 spheres as in the classical depiction of the Tree of Life.

The triangle AB1 connects the spheres with numbers 1, 4, 5 and 9. The sum of these numbers is 19. This number symbolizes the energy BLUE STORM - Solar Seal No. 19 - the major energy of the current Blue Storm Year.

The Tree of life is considered to be a map of the universe and the psyche, the order of the creation of the cosmos, and a path to spiritual illumination (the path to God). It is an arrangement of 10 interconnected spheres (called sephiroth, meaning "spheres").The Tree of Life is a sacred map to guide us through the necessary developments and transformations so that we can reconnect with the Source of all life.

 The structure resembles a cosmic tree growing downward from its roots above. 

From above to below, the spheres depict the emanation, the transition from God to creation.
From below to above, the spheres constitute a ladder of ascent back to God…

This dynamic balance between ascending and descending forces is reminiscent of the Star of David, consisting of two interlocking triangles and representing perfect harmony between the polarized opposites of masculine and feminine, positive and negative, active and passive, yang and yin.

Depicted in its three-dimensional state, this shape is known as Merkabah. In Ancient Egypt, this pattern was called Mer-Ka-Ba and referred to a rotating light that would take the spirit and the body from one world into another.”

Traditionally, the sephiroth structure (Tree of Life) is composed of one upward-aiming triangle and two downward moving triangles. This predominance of downward directionality shows how the sephiroth tend towards diversity and manifestation, as opposed to reunification.

There are a lot of similarities between the Tree of Life and the Mayan calendar.
For example, in the Tree of Life:

1 - The Crown ("Kether" in Hebrew): the Creator Himself,

Kether is also our connection to the Source of all life

10 - Kingdom ("Malkuth") is associated with the realm of matter (Earth) and relates to the physical world.

In the Mayan calendar:

Tone 1 represents the Source of Creation, the Indivisible Essence, All That Is.

Tone 10 - the Planetary Tone of Manifestation: essence and the physical meet as one, the heavens touch the Earth; spirit and matter unite.

The crop circle has appeared on a day with Tone 11, in the Blue Spectral Storm Year with Tone 11.
In the Mayan calendar Tone 11 opens the Return to the Source and the last Tone is Tone 13 - the Cosmic Tone of Presence, which gives us the possibility to arrive at God as best we can.

16 June 2017 is a day in the 12th Lunar month (12th Moon) and on 27 June 2017 begins the 13th Cosmic Moon, which continues until 24 July 2017. In this Moon we have the possibility to receive and assimilate Tone 13 - the Cosmic Tone of Presence.

The location of this crop circle is Target Wood. I think that this location is chosen intentionally. The authors of the formation propose us to remember what is the Target of our Spiritual Journey.  

Now in the Blue Spectral Storm year we receive the Blue energy of Transformation, which transforms our cells in crystalline ones, which can retain more light. The Blue energy helps us also to build our Crystal Light body Merkaba.

So we are reminded to use all these powerful energies at the end of the Blue Storm Year to get best prepared for the next two years: the Yellow Crystal Seed Year with Tone 12 and the Red Cosmic Moon Year with Tone 13. These two years will be the time of Return to the Source, in the current 13-year cycle .    

Sincere gratitude to the authors of this meaningful formation and to the photographer Steve Alexander!

Image: Steve Alexander

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