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15.08.2017 17:39 - Crop circle from 7 August 2017 at Monarch's Way, nr Wooton Wawen, Warwickshire, UK
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From our beautiful visions and dreams grows an amazing new reality!

Crop circle from 7 August 2017 at Monarch"s Way, nr Wooton Wawen, Warwickshire, UK

More photos of this formation can be seen here:

Video thanks to Matthew Williams:

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 7 August 2017 is a day with the Solar Seal “Yellow Warrior” and with Tone 11, in the White Castle with major energy “Yellow Warrior”, in the Yellow Crystal Seed Year (26 July 2017 - 24 July 2018).

In my opinion, on the formation are featured following energies:

Yellow Seed
Blue Eagle - the Supporting energy of the Yellow Seed
Yellow Warrior - the Guiding energy of the Yellow Crystal Seed

These energies have following qualities:

Yellow Seed - Awareness, Targets, Flowering
Blue Eagle - Creativity, Vision, Mind
Yellow Warrior - Explore, Intelligence, Fearlessness

The crop circle resembles an Eye and symbolizes the energy BLUE EAGLE - the Energy of Vision. Through our Visions and Visualizations we create, we “weave” our new reality!
The Mayan calendar Tzolkin is known as “weaving loom” and using the energy tools, which it offers us, we become weavers of the desired new reality.


On the formation, the “woven iris” round the “pupil” of the Eye resembles also an eagle feather headdress, on this way pointing to the energy Blue Eagle and to the energy YELLOW WARRIOR.


The current Yellow Crystal Seed Year has following main energies:
Yellow Seed with Tone 12 - the major energy
Blue Eagle with Tone 12 - Supporting energy
Yellow Warrior with Tone 12 - Guiding energy
White Wizard with Tone 12 - Challenging energy
Red Earth with Tone 2 - Occult Teacher

From these 5 energies, 3 are “Portal” energies, i.e. Galactic Activation Portals (green squares in Tzolkin):

Yellow Seed with Tone 12, Kin 64,
Blue Eagle with Tone 12, Kin 155 and
Red Earth with Tone 2, Kin 197



Herein the Supporting energy Blue Eagle with Tone 12, Kin 155 is a Portal Kin of the highest level! This enhances manyfold the impact of our Visualizations! May we use this wonderful possibility and visualize all these amazing things which we want to be manifested in our life! May we fly on the wings of our Dreams!

This is also one of our tasks as Yellow Warriors - to explore the surrounding reality, to discover what is outdated and useless and to replace it with something new and better, what we dream of. The Universe helps us to realize our Dreams, when we insistently think of them - on this way we direct, we organize the cosmic energies in the desired direction.

The Blue Eagle teaches us, that our Visions, ideas and thought-forms are like Seeds, which we plant in the space, which is full of infinite potentials for development. These Seeds gradually germinate and from them grow big Trees, which give fruits. This process is shown on the formation so impressive!

The Blue Eagle remind us, that we are the Planetary Visionaries! May we in the Year of the Yellow Crystal Seed think more often about our Dreams, may we visualize a harmonic and beautiful new reality, Peace on Earth, Well-Being and Prosperity for the whole humanity!

The energy Blue Eagle is most active in the first 3 months of the year: from 26 July to 26 October 2017. May we use this time to plant magical new Visions-Seeds! From them shall grow amazing trees and at the end of the year we can reap wonderful fruits!

Deepest gratitude to the authors of this marvelous formation and to the photographers of www.cropcircleconnector.com!!

More interpretations of crop circles according to the Mayan calendar:


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