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18.06.2012 11:12 - ИНТЕРВЮ на ДРЕЙК от 17 юни
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Постингът е бил сред най-популярни в категория в Blog.bg

ИНТЕРВЮ на ДРЕЙК от 17 юни

Дрейк, говорителят на “позитивните американски военни”, които обявиха, че ще извършат масовите арести на Кабала (Илюминатите), даде снощи общирно 3-часово интервю, което можете да чуете (на английски) тук:


DRAKE’s INTERVIEW - 17 Juni 2012:



2012-06-17 Drake Vital Updates on Blog Talk Radio

В своето интервю Дрейк говори, че извънземните съюзници са сред нас и ни помагат сега.




Drake on Global Voice Radio New Home & Schedule

Posted on 06/17/2012

Drake’s shows will continue at Sunday at 1PM EST and Wednesday at 7PM EST on Global Voice Radio at their new home on very USER friendly Blog Talk Radio. —> Drake’s Shows…click here

As always you have to refresh the page if you get there before the actual time of the show.



Drake and the team are now joined by Kimberley Jaeger who has had radio shows for many years.



Global Voice Radio Network

Featured Host

Home of DRAKE.
Blasting the voice of freedom worldwide. Visit our website at


e-mail: onefreepeople@gmail.com

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Drake"s Mid-Week Update  
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A weekly program featuring Drake and any updates on the freedom movement.



Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pleiadians, Resistance Movement and the Event

 You might want to listen to the latest Drake’s interview, especially from 35 to 42 minute mark:



 And also watch this video about the terms of surrender for the Cabal:



 The Pleiadians, other positive ET races and the Resistance Movement are closely monitoring the situation.

The Cabal has until June 21st to publicly announce their surrender over the mass media.

If they do so, the situation will take care of itself. If they don’t, the Pleiadians and the Resistance have plans that will begin to be implemented immediately.

 The exact execution of those plans depends to a certain level on the actions of the Positive Military group in the next few days.

 The positive ET forces are making sure there will be no cataclysmic events taking place on Earth in the near future and they will intervene before anything like that can happen.

 To understand a little more about the background of the situation, you can listen to my interview here:



 Or here on Youtube:



 Or read a transcript:



 It is interesting to note that when my interview was published on Kauilapele’s blog, his website received exactly 20,000 hits that day:



 Definitely a sign of divine intervention! There are forces greater than all of us and they are making sure that Light will be victorious on planet Earth.




Drake on Global Voice Radio 6-17-12… VITAL UPDATES… MP3s

Posted on 2012/06/17

As the title says, and I would agree, this show does include VITAL UPDATES. I’ve only heard about the first 50 minutes, but the key point here in my mind is that the dark is getting cleared out, with the direct intervention of ETs.

However, it is important that we do as much as possible to assist. This is a critical juncture. This has to happen (clearing out of the dark cabal). Quickly. How, and in what manner (peacefully, or rather destructively), is up to us.

I encourage listening to at least the first 2 parts. I’ve removed all the music (so if you want to hear that, go here).

Drake mentioned a video to watch and share [BTW, when he says, "It"s on the website", well, that does NOT narrow it down (at least not for me)]. Finally I found what I think is the one he means, on this page (“Spirituality”). Here’s a direct link to that video, which I also include at the end, after the MP3 links. As I mentioned, I think is the one. I’ve emailed them about it to find out for sure.

Again, as in the last show, there is some talk about Eric Holder in the first two parts (sorry, I’m just not getting what’s the problem here that Drake is pointing to). My own “get” here is only what aligns with the Light, and I’m not getting into any of that discussion.

MP3s were volume boosted and the music was removed. The mp3s below are already configured for upload to iPod, iPhone, MP3 player.


MP3s (each part, 30 min., 5 MB) (volume boosted)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6 (14 min.)
Complete show (without music)
(2 hr. 44 min., 28 MB)


Radio Show Links:
Global Voice Radio Network (NEW LOCATION):
Current show (6-17-12):

Drake’s recommended sites:
http://americannationalmilitia.com/ (this is Drake’s new home website; sign up and get auto email when green light is given)
Teri Hinkle’s website:





Sunday June 17, 2012



Drake disclosed and confirmed that aliens are among us

By LadyDragon

MONTREAL--(LadyDragon.com)17/06/12--Drake on his radio today talked about removing Eric Holder from office, his letter to the military and most important disclose that ET"s Aliens are among us.

In his 3 hours show today, Drake disclosed that ET"s Aliens are among us and are helping now.

Drake is calling for the removal of the unconstitutional and repressive US goverment.

Drake sent an Open Letter to the Military yesterday and said the US Military better move and take positive action in removing the Dark Cabal or else they will become irrelevant.



Plus he went in details about the existence of good and bad aliens that are among us.


LadyDragon also spoke and confirmed that Pleiadians are here to help us now according to Cobra

InLight Radio Stephen Cook interview with Cobra


Drake talks also about retail and communication tracking therefore we havre no privacy.


Click here to listen the entire show.


About Drake

For those who are not familiar with Drake, Drake is a military gentleman that was chosen by the good people of the Pentagon to represent them to explain to the world what they are presently doing.

The world has we know now is run by criminels that will be remove very soon with a process that is called


. Drake"s mission is to inform all of us as news can be released.

His new website is very welcome since he will be able to give updates directly to his subscribers on his site American National Militia



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