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06.10.2016 12:08 - Crop circle from 25th July 2010 at Alton Barnes Wiltshire, UK
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The energies of the Red Overtone Moon Year

Crop circle from 25th July 2010 at Alton Barnes Wiltshire, UK

More images from this formation can be seen here:


In my opinion, the crop circle is dedicated to the New Red Moon Overtone Year with Tone 5, which according to the Mayan calendar began on 26th July 2016, i.e. on the next day after the appearance of the crop circle.

On the formation are depicted following energies:

Red Moon
Red Earth – the Guiding energy of the Red Overtone Moon
Blue Storm – the Challenging energy of the Red Moon
Yellow Human – the Occult Teacher of the Red Moon

These energies have following qualities:

Red Moon – Purify, Flow, Universal water
Red Earth – Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization
Blue Storm – Activation, Catalyzation of the processes, Energy, Self-Generation
Yellow Human – Free Will, Influence, Wisdom

On the pictogram we see 5 Moons (from L1 to L5 on the image). These 5 Moons symbolize the New Year of the RED MOON with Tone 5.
Each Moon has a nimbus, which symbolizes Tone 5 – the Tone of Radiance.

The figure “Е” at the bottom of the image includes 17 elements, which symbolize the energy RED EARTH - Solar Seal No. 17.

Left and right to this figure there are 6 +6 = 12 circles. They symbolize the energy YELLOW HUMAN – Solar Seal No. 12.

The total number of all circles on the formation is 19. This number symbolizes the energy BLUE STORM – Solar Seal No. 19.

At the top of the image the formation ends through the figure "K". On the upper end of this figure are depicted one dash and 3 points. This is the Mayan depiction for the number 8. One dash means the number 5 and one point means the number 1.

Below the number 8 is depicted a “key”.

The Red Moon is Solar Seal No. 9 and it is a “key” to a new octave of Solar Seals (archetypes) – from 9 to 16.
Seal No. 16 is Yellow Warrior.

Here are some excerpts from a description for the Red Moon, which helps us to understand the meaning of this “key”.



The harmonic wisdom embodied in Red Moon is modulation, the harmonious passage from one key to another. This is experienced as movement and change through the natural laws of growth.
Red Moon represents a passage into a new key or mode.
To shift keys or tonality in your life, move with and trust your own process.

Eventually, living in a new key or tonality creates a harmonious shift that naturally moves you to another resonance. Through experiencing this higher resonance, a communication is set up with the next octave of archetypal energy. In a literal way, then, Red Moon is like a walkie-talkie, a communication device for the higher resonances. When this communication becomes fully realized, it is possible to communicate in the resonance of Yellow Warrior. Yellow Warrior is exactly one octave, or eight archetypes up from Red Moon, representing communication with cosmic consciousness.

Gratitude to the authors of this amazing crop circle and to the photographer Lucy Pringle (www.lucypringle.co.uk) !!

More interpretations of crop circles according to the Mayan calendar:


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