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11.12.2015 14:19 - Crop circle from 24th May 2009 - Barbury Castle, UK
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Crop circle from 24th May 2009 - Barbury Castle, UK

This formation was reported on 24th May 2009 at Barbury Castle, nr Wroughton, Wiltshire, UK. More images are published here:



According to the Mayan calendar, 24th May 2009 is a day with the Solar Seal “Red Dragon”.

In my opinion, on the crop circle is depicted the energy Red Dragon.

Short characteristics of the energy Red Dragon:

Birth, Nurturing, Existence, Memory

Red Dragon is Solar Seal No. 1.
This is the energy which creates the energy net of the Universe.
On the crop circle symbolically is depicted this energy net of the Universe.

In the center of the crop circle we see a single circle, which symbolizes the energy Red Dragon – Solar Seal No. 1.

Round it there are 21 circles, connected in a net. Here the number 21 again symbolizes the energy Red Dragon. In the Tzolkin calendar there are 20 Solar Seals, so Kin (day) 21 is again with the Solar Seal Red Dragon.

Here some excerpts from a description for the energy RED DRAGON:

The universe is an inseparable whole. Red Dragon represents the energy matrix lines that look like a web in the universe, through which all points are connected in time and space. This energetic web of communication is known as the "crystal grid network." It is a cauldron of creation, a potent field in which all things are not only possible but constantly being created.

Within this grid, the linear causality of time and space has been freed into an open system in which all time and all space exist and interact simultaneously.

This grid connects the larger holograms of reality with our own.

Its energy lines connect all places, times and events - even those that are seemingly unrelated.

All phenomena and all actions are part of this larger whole; it is the very foundation for telepathy and synchronicity.

Red Dragon embodies unity, in which all things are one with the Source.

Source for the description:

Image: Olivier Morel

More interpretations of crop circles according to the Mayan calendar:


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