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04.04.2016 22:35 - Crop circle from 16th August 2009 – Tidcombe, Wiltshire, UK
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Crop circle from 16th August 2009 – Tidcombe, Wiltshire, UK

More images from this crop circle are published here:


According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 16th August 2009 is a day with the Solar Seal “Red Serpent” and with Tone 12. This is a day in the Red Castle with major energy “Yellow Seed”.

In my opinion, on the crop circle are depicted following energies:
Red Serpent, Yellow Seed and Yellow Warrior.

These energies have following qualities:

Red Serpent – Life Force, Life Stability, Instinct, Creativity, Sexuality
Yellow Seed – Targets, Awareness, Flowering
Yellow Warrior – Explore, Intelligence, Fearlessness

We see eight figures, which resemble snakes. At the one end, the body of the snake ends with three circles: No. 1, 2 and 3 on the image. At the other end, it ends with two circles: No. 4 and 5 on the image. Between the circles No. 4 and 5 there are two very small circles, which depict “the eyes of the snake”. On this way, each of the eight figures depicts the energy “Red Serpent”. Each figure has 5 circles in total. Here the number 5 also symbolizes the energy "Red Serpent", which is Solar Seal No. 5.

Round the circle No. 2 there are 4 very small circles. Here the number 4 symbolizes the energy “Yellow Seed” (Solar Seal No. 4) - the major energy in the Red Castle.

Between the circles No. 4 and 5 there are two very small circles. On the outer ring of the crop circle there are 16 such small circles in total. The number 16 symbolizes the energy “Yellow Warrior” – Solar Seal No. 16 – the Occult Teacher of the Red Serpent.

Image: Olivier Morel

More interpretations of crop circles according to the Mayan calendar:


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